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Cooking real food from Africa.

Easy and Authentic AFRICAN RECIPES for Any Skill Level!

In just 10 minutes, you can be cooking authentic cuisine from Africa.

With these step-by-step recipes, you will create amazingly delicious African cuisine in no time.

By following the African Recipes contained in the unique Afri Chef African Recipes Cookbook YOU can bring the EXCITEMENT AND TASTE of Africa into your home.

 Astonish your friends! 
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Astound your dinner guests!

Your new found skills will bring them tempting dishes from the different cultures, traditions and ethnic groups of Africa.

Watch as they enjoy authentic African food. Food YOU have prepared.
Delight as plates are wiped clean and you proudly serve up more...

These recipes draw the eye and delight the palate. NOBODY has to know your secret! All you need is this unique AFRI CHEF AFRICAN RECIPES COOK BOOK that shows you how you can experience the tastes of Africa through its cooking and ethnic recipes.

Discover Africa, through the food its people eat and enjoy.

Go beyond Soul Food to its origins, to the time before slaves came to the New World. The food you will prepare from the recipes in the African Recipes Cookbook will definately speak to your soul.

Transform your kitchen into an adventure, as you explore the tastes and smells of ethnic African cuisine in the Afri Chef African Recipes Cookbook.

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Prepare food that nourishes your body, mind, and soul!

The authentic and tested African Recipes set out in easy to follow step-by-step instructions in the African Recipes Cookbook will indeed set you on the road to discovering Africa's culinary heritage.


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Michael you have produced what is without doubt the definitive African Recipes cookbook. I hope one day to visit Africa myself and yet thanks to your cookbook it is as though I already have.

On a cold winters night here in England I can take great consolation in sitting by a roaring fire and visualizing the sites and sounds of a great continent And yes, thanks to you I already have a multitude of fine scents and tastes of Africa to help me on my journey of exploration and adventure.

I strongly recommend your cookbook to everyone so that they too can have the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of tasting for themselves all the varied and wonderful foods you have included.
Michael, to me your African Recipes cookbook is much, much more than just a set of recipes and has given me a real insight into African life!
Ricky Allen


You've compiled a delightful cross section of African cuisine.

I've only had a chance to try out a couple of recipes but I must say they're deeelish! A real taste treat.

The maps and background information are really interesting and informative. Terrific if you have kids in school! As a matter of fact, I'm going to recommend your African Recipes Cookbook on my family site both for the recipes and for the educational element.

Sandi Bowman

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With the digital version of The Afri Chef African Recipes Cookbook on your computer you will never be at a loss for authentic African recipes during Kwanzaa celebrations.

Using some of the outdoor recipes in this African cookbook your BBQ will become the talk of the neighbourhood. Impress your friends with these unusual yet extremely tasty African versions of the BBQ. Remember, the peoples of Africa were cooking outdoors before the days of Columbus.

Print a copy of the recipe that you're going to prepare, directly from your computer. Use it in your kitchen without the fear of getting an expensive book dirty. To facilitate printing I have not included the photographs of the dishes (as seen on the website) in the ebook.

Ingredients Available.
The recipes have been carefully selected to ensure that ingredients are generally available, either in your normal supermarket, or in a few instances at your speciality African or Mid-Eastern store.


Read All About it!!

The following is an extract from the Sacramento Observer, published on their website on the 1st of May 2003. You can view the full article by clicking on the sacobserver link, which will open a new page in your browser. To return here merely close the new page.

The new book "African Recipes: Real Food From Africa" by Michael Tracey and contains recipes from almost every African country and reveals the story of Africa through its cooking and ethnic recipes.
The African Recipes cookbook contains more than 260 African recipes. Linked here are a few of these mouthwatering real food recipes that, once experienced, will have you, your family and friends coming back for more

The full article as published on the Sacramento Observer website

The price for this exceptional African Recipes Cookbook is $14.97. You can't go wrong at this price.

At $14.97 for the 266 recipes contained in the African Recipes Cookbook, you're getting a great deal, simply because as a downloaded computer book there are no printing costs inloved. A very small price to pay for a tremendous culinary experience.

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Purchase and download this great African Recipes Cookbook NOW
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and enjoy a new AFRICAN RECIPES taste adventure

NOT only do you get the AFRI CHEF AFRICAN RECIPES COOKBOOK, with 266 detailed recipes, YOU ALSO get the following 2 bonuses:


120 Kids Fun Recipes
For you to enjoy
With your children

120 KIDS FUN RECIPES for you to enjoy making with your children or grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Share the joy of cooking with them by making simple recipes, with intriguing names, that they will enjoy making and, more importantly, eating. In this way you will instil in children a love of cooking and an appreciation of what it takes to prepare a meal everyday.


THE CONVERTOR This almost magical program allows you to convert almost any unit of weight (mass), length, & volume, into another. Changing grams into ounces or pints into liters is simplicity in itself. As is converting cc into teaspoonsful. Of course it works in reverse as well. You just enter the number of units of the measure you have and select the measure you want to convert to and before you can blink an eyelid, the results are available. This is an indispensable program for any cook interested in trying recipes from around the world...


To remove any doubts you might have as to the quality of this African Recipes Cookbook, I want you to try it for a full 60 days. If you don't like it if you don't think it's the BEST African Recipes Cookbook you've ever seen, just request a refund and, because I want you to be happy with your purchase, I will refund you in full. To view the full details of my unconditional guarantee click on the button.
African Recipes Guarantee Policy

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Purchase and download this great African Recipes Cookbook NOW
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I stand four square behind my book. Try it at my risk for 60 days. If you don't like it, just send me an email, to the mail address inside the book, giving your receipt details and I will organize a FULL credit within 2 working days. No questions, no quibble.

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