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You'll find recipes for Banana Bread, Nutty Banana Bread, All-Bran Banana Bread, Nutty All Bran Banana Bread, and Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Also some traditional African recipes for Spicy Banana Bread, Banana Soup, and Corn, Beans and Bananas.

Together with some special South African Recipes for Banana Fritters, Banana Pudding and Banana Chutney and many others

Even though, because bread is the staff of life,I have concentrated on variations of BANANA BREAD RECIPES these banana recipes, which include bananas used in soups, main dishes, desserts and condiments, should give you some idea of the tremendous versatility of the banana, as a food, which although not of African origin has in effect become a staple food in large areas of the African continent.

Since I have now [ March 2011 ] added a number of recipes, including ones for Banana Smoothies and Bananas with Chocolate I can no longer claim to be concentrating on Banana Bread Recipes, rather on BANANA RECIPES in general.

Edible bananas are thought to have first appeared in the Indonesian-Malaysian area of Asia, but spread rapidly into African and other tropical regions.

The tropical regions of the African continent produce approximately half of the world's banana crop.

The banana fruit is botanically a berry. Bananas are the world's fourth largest fruit crop.

Bananas, or rather the banana fruit, have become a staple food in many tropical areas.

In certain parts of Africa, the plantain, a form of banana, which is only edible when cooked, has supplanted the potato as a basic dietary item.

As a food the banana is grown in many varieties and is eaten in many forms: raw, cooked or dried.

Bananas are eaten on their own or as part of a dish. They may be cooked in a stew or served raw as a sambal with curried dishes.

They may also be dried and eaten as a snack, they are generally sliced into rounds before being dried.
Bananas may be used in inter-alia salads, sandwiches, soups, stews, fries, chutneys, jams, desserts, cakes, breads and muffins.

In fact the banana's culinary versatility is possibly greater than that of any other fruit or vegetable.

Believe it or not you can also eat banana peel and flowers, I have provided a recipe for Banana Peel and Cow Peas to illustrate this

Banana Leaves are used as plates and in place of tinfoil, to wrap food in for cooking.

In Kenya, cottage industries make cards, which are sold worldwide, from the leaves.

In Japan, the banana plant has been used, in cottage industries, since the 13th century to produce high quality textiles

Initiatives are currently underway in Australia and the Caribbean to produce paper from the banana plant, instead of trees, on a commercial scale.

At the same time, laminated board is being produced from the banana plant in place of wood from trees.

Small scale pilot plants are producing ethane gas, for fuel, from banana residue, which is also being used for compost.

Given the vast acreage under banana cultivation, the potential of this fruit for supplanting wood, in many instances, and thus conserving forests, is tremendous

So you see, bananas have many more uses, both realised and unrealised...

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