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Cape Malay Koeksisters Recipe

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The traditional Cape Malay Koeksisters or Koesisters, are very different from the twisted version which has become so popular amongst South Africans.

Cape Malay Koeksisters, boiled in syrup and rolled in coconut, deliciously spicy
Spicy, sweet, coconut covered Cape Malay Koeksisters

Amongst other differences, apart from the obvious shape, Cape Malay Koeksisters are very spicy, boiled in syrup and covered with desiccated coconut

The popular South African variety are, not very spiced and dipped into ice-cold syrup.

These Koeksisters [Koesisters] are often served on a Sunday morning.

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Koeksister Ingredients

For the Dough

18oz [500g] cake flour
4oz [110g] self raising flour
1 tsp [5ml] salt
cup [120ml] sugar
1 tsp [7ml] ground ginger
1 tsp [5ml] ground cinnamon
1 tsp [7ml] ground aniseed
5ml ground cardamon
1tsp [5ml] ground mixed spice
3 cups [875ml] sunflower oil
1 egg
1 cup [250ml] warm milk
1 cup [250ml] warm water
4 tsp [20ml] instant [active] dried yeast
1 tsp [5ml] sugar
A little additional oil

For the koeksister syrup

1cup [250ml] water
cup [120ml] sugar
2 tsp [10ml] golden syrup
4 tsp [20ml] desiccated coconut
1 piece naartjie peel [if available]

1/3 cup [80ml] desiccated coconut, for sprinkling over

To make the Koeksisters

Making the Dough

Sift flour and salt together into a mixing bowl

Stir in the sugar and then the spices, mixing well

Rub in cup [125ml] of the oil slowly until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Pour the milk and water into a saucepan/bowl/jug with pouring spout and dissolve the remaining 1 tsp [5ml] sugar and the yeast in it.

Beat the egg and add it together with the milk mixture to the flour, mixing as you do so.

Mix to form a soft dough, do not knead and rub over it with hands moistened with a little of the extra oil

Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place, for about 1-2 hours until it doubles in size

Lightly oil a working surface using a little of the extra oil

Place dough on the working surface and roll it out until you can make a coil about 2? [5cm] diameter.

Using an oiled knife, cut off 2? [5cm] lengths. Flatten these lengths slightly.

Cover and set aside for 40 minutes to relax and rise further

Meanwhile make the syrup

Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to a slow boil, stirring to ensure sugar does not burn.
Stir until the syrup begins to bubble and forms a film on the spoon

Keep warm

Heat the remaining oil in a deep saucepan, and fry the koeksisters, over medium heat, for +/- 6 minutes until lightly browned on each side

Test with a skewer to ensure center is cooked. Remove from oil.

Drain in colander or paper towel

Prick the koeksisters lightly with a fork

Reheat the syrup and boil the koeksisters in it for 2 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon.

Sprinkle a little of the desiccated coconut on a serving dish and place them on it.

Sprinkle coconut over each layer of koeksisters and serve warm with your best coffee.

All you'll say is mmmmmm! Sheer heaven.... I know it's absolute indulgence but we deserve something sweet every now and then.

I am surprised that these Koeksisters have not become equally as popular as the twisted variety.

Makes +/- 30 sweet delights.

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Date Published 9th March 2010
Author: Michael Tracey - Africhef

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