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Sour Pie Sauce & Chicken Giblet Gravy

I have, as an exception, published the Traditional South African Chicken Pie recipe [[click here for recipe]] from the "Cook and Enjoy It" recipe book by S. J. A. de Villiers

I have decided to complete the circle by adding Mrs de Villiers recipes for Sour Pie Sauce and Chicken Giblet Gravy both of which were given by her as accompaniments to the Chicken Pie

As stated elsewhere I prefer using non-published recipes given to me by friends however the two recipes given here really compliment the Chicken Pie

I strongly recommend "Cook and Enjoy" [Kook en Geniet] to anyone interested in South African cooking

Sour Pie Sauce

This simple sauce adds to the already delicious flavor of the Chicken Pie

Sour Pie Sauce Ingredients

30ml [2 Tbsp] cake flour

250ml [1 cup] hot Chicken stock, you may use some of the liquid in which the chicken was cooked

125 to 250ml [½ to 1 cup] boiling water
15ml [1Tbsp] vinegar, more can be used if wanted
15ml [1Tbsp] butter

To make the Sour Pie Sauce

Heat the dry cake flour in a frying pan, stirring constantly until a pale brown colour

Add the hot Chicken stock, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the mixture is thick and smooth

Dilute to the desired thickness with boiling water

Add the vinegar and then remove from the heat before stirring in the butter

Serve the hot Sour Pie Sauce with the Chicken Pie made by the recipe linked to above

Mmmm! Delicious!

Chicken Giblet Gravy

This is a favourite in the Southern United States as well as being often used in South Africa

Chicken giblets are the bird's offal comprising the heart, gizzard and liver together with other visceral organs

The giblets are often packaged with whole birds, generally in a sealed bag inside the chicken. The neck is generally included

Ingredients for the Chicken Giblet Gravy

Chicken giblets and neck
1 slice onion
1 bay leaf
cold water
30ml [2 Tbsp] cake flour
30ml [2 Tbsp] chicken fat
salt and pepper to taste

Making the Chicken Giblet Gravy

Place the giblets, neck, onion and bay leaf in a saucepan and cover with cold water

Simmer gently until the contents are very tender

Remove the onion and bay leaf

Finely chop the meat from the neck and giblets, removing the bones

Blend the cake flour and fat together

Stir the flour/fat mixture into the juices containing the chicken meat obtained from the neck and giblets

Stir, while simmering, until the gravy thickens

Season to taste with the salt and pepper

Cook the Chicken Giblet Gravy gently for a further 5 to 10 minutes

Serve with the Chicken Pie [Also great with roast chicken]

Both the Sour Pie Sauce or the Chicken Giblet Gravy really enhance the flavor of the Traditional South African Chicken Pie [[click here for recipe] I would really recommend taking the trouble to make one or the other when serving the pie hot

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