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Acute: rapid onset; severe symptoms

Albuminuria: presence of serum albumin, serum globulin or other proteins in the urine

Amputation: removal of a limb, part of a limb, or portion of the body or body part

Angina: a sense of suffocating or suffocating pain, in the chest, secondary to inadequate blood flow to the cardiac muscles

Angina Pectoris: pain in centre of the chest induced by exercise and relieved by rest

Aphasia: language disorder caused by disease or disorder of the left side of the brain which houses the speech centre (dominant side in right handed people); affects the ability to generate and understand speech; not associated with conditions of organs associated with speech such as tongue, vocal cords, mouth and larynx; may be associated with problems in reading and writing

Atherosclerosis: disease of the arteries in which fatty plaques develop in the inner walls of the vessels

Autonomic Neuropathy: disease of the autonomic nerves i.e. the nerves that regulate the body functions that are not consciously under our control e.g. heart, intestinal movements, sweating

Bacterial Infection: an invasion of the body by a microorganism called bacteria causing a disease condition

Calorie: (caloric) unit of measurement relating to heat; used to indicate the energy value of foods

  • Cataract: opacity of the lens of the eye causing blurred vision and eventually blindness if not treated

    Cellular Immunity: the ability at the most basic level to resist infection

    Cerebrovascular Disease: any disorder of the blood vessels of the brain and its membranes

    Chronic: describes a disease of long duration involving slow changes

    Circulatory Collapse: collapse of the cardiovascular system i.e. of the heart and the blood vessel network

    Claudication: Limping or lameness

    Coma:        state of unconsciousness from which a person cannot be roused

    Coronary Arteries: the arteries supplying blood to the heart

    Coronary Artery Disease: disease of the arteries supplying blood to the heart

    Coronary Stenosis: abnormal narrowing of the coronary arteries

    Corticosteroid: steroid hormone made by the adrenal glands or synthesized artificially for treatment purposes - cortisone


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