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Dehydration: Loss of fluid in the body tissues

Diabetes Mellitus: disorder of carbohydrate (starch) metabolism causing high blood glucose levels

Diabetic Coma: coma characteristic of Type 11 diabetics with blood glucose >55mmol/l

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: accumulation of ketones in the body tissues causing an abnormal acid content that is not compatible with life caused by acute shortage of insulin

Diabetic Nephropathy: kidney disease directly related to complication of diabetes mellitus

Diabetic Neuropathy: functional disturbances and/or pathological changes in the peripheral nervous system related to complications of diabetes mellitus

Diabetic Retinopathy: disorder of the retina, causing impairment or loss of vision related to complications of diabetes mellitus

Dialysis: a method of separating different parts in a liquid mixture. This principle is used when treating a person with kidney failure

Diarrhoea: abnormally soft or liquid faeces; usually passed frequently; can be caused by infections, intestinal inflammatory disease, anxiety states, malabsorption, reactions to medications

Distal: situated away from the point of origin or attachment- in this instance referring to distal pulses is the pulses further toward the end of the limb compared to where the occlusion is

Diuresis: increased secretion of urine by the kidneys

Diuretic: drug that increases the volume of urine produced

Dysphonia: difficulty in speaking caused by conditions or disease of the body parts associated with speech such as the tongue, larynx, vocal cords and mouth

Gangrene: death and decay of tissue caused by interrupted blood supply, dry gangrene causes death of tissue due to lack of blood supply. Wet gangrene is caused by bacterial infection

Gastric: relating to the stomach

Gastrointestinal to do with the body system responsible for digestion and elimination of foodstuffs; the gastrointestinal tract extends from the mouth to the anus

Globulin a simple protein soluble in saline solutions and normally found in the blood

Glomerular Filtration Rate the rate at which filtration takes place in the glomeruli of the kidney

Glomerulus the network of very small blood vessels in the kidney that perform the function of filtration of waste matter from the blood

Glucose a simple sugar

Glucosuria measurable glucose in the urine

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