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Occlusion closure or obstruction of a hollow part of the body e.g. a blood vessel

Ophthalmic Examination Examination of the eye

Oral And Vaginal Thrush a fungal infection of the mouth and/or vagina (candidiasis)

Osmotic Diuresis increased secretion of urine by the kidneys due to excess levels of sugar in the urine causing an osmotic effect so that fluid moves from the blood into the urine across the membranes in the kidneys

Oxygenated containing oxygen; in this article referring to the blood cells carrying oxygen

Pallor extreme paleness of the skin

Palpitation feeling of the heart beating in the chest; usual with fright or exercise; may be associated with arrhythmias or heart disease

Paralysis muscle weakness; varies from mild to complete inability to function

Parasthesia numbness

Parasympathetic nervous system one of the two parts of the autonomic nervous system; nerve supply to the blood vessels, glands and most internal organs; works with eh sympathetic nervous system by opposing its action on the organs thereby maintaining equilibrium

Peripheral Neuropathy pathological changes to the peripheral nerves, usually of the arms and legs

Peripheral Vascular Disease pathological changes to the blood vessels of the legs

Peritoneal dialysis a form of dialysis that utilises the peritoneal membrane to filter out toxins and wastes from the blood

Polydipsia extreme thirst

Polyuria large volumes of pale almost colorless urine

Postural Hypotension also known as orthostatic hypotension; the blood pressure drops associated with a change in posture, e.g occurs with standing and is relieved by lying down, can cause syncope (fainting)

Pneumonia bacterial infection affecting the lungs

Proteinuria protein in the urine (see albuminuria); may indicate disease of the kidneys; in diabetes this is a possible sign of microvascular damage to the kidneys

Renal Failure the condition where the kidneys no longer perform their normal function; this can be acute or chronic, reversible or nonreversible

Retina the interior lining of the eye that is light sensitive

Retrograde Ejaculation condition where the ejaculate (sperm and semen) move backward into the bladder and not out via the urethral meatus


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