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Serum the clear fluid in the blood; on standing, blood separates

Signs indications of a disorder that a trained person e.g. a physician may observe, that the patient will not observe (compare with “symptoms”)

Stroke used to be known as “apoplexy” also known as a CVA or CVI (cardiovascular accident or incident); characterized by a sudden weakness or paralysis of one side of the body caused by an interruption to the blood supply to the brain. This is due to clot formation in the vessels of the brain (thrombosis), a detached clot from some other part of the body lodges in the smaller vessels of the brain (embolus) or one of the blood vessels in the ruptures (hemorrhage)

Symmetrically similar signs and symptoms of a condition on both sides of the body is a similar distribution

Symptoms indications that something is wrong that are noticeable to the patient; usually the reason medical attention is sought (compare “signs”)

Sympathetic nervous system one part of the autonomic nervous system; the nerve supply to the heart, lungs, intestines, sweat glands, salivary glands, blood vessels and genitalia; nerve supply to organs that are associated with reflex action; works in balance with the parasympathetic nervous system

Systemic Infection infection affecting or relating to the whole body as opposed to one part of it

Tremor alternating movement that is rhythmical; can affect any part of the body; a symptom of many conditions; may manifest in a shaking of the hand that is visible and prevents normal motor coordination

Type 1 Diabetes a condition of abnormal carbohydrate metabolism; also known as juvenile onset diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes; more frequently occurs in persons under 30 years of age; the pancreas stops secreting insulin all together or in such small quantities that it is ineffective in carbohydrate metabolism; Type 1 diabetics are usually dependent on administered insulin for survival and dietary control plays a big part in ongoing health

Type 2 Diabetes also known as adult or maturity onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes; usually controlled with oral medication; dietary control and exercise plays a big part in ongoing health; Type 11 diabetics are usually overweight; the pancreas usually continues to secrete insulin, but there is a problem with the cells utilizing/responding to the insulin

Ulcers a break in the skin or mucosa or the gastrointestinal tract that does not heal and is accompanied by inflammation and or infection; in the case of diabetics, skin ulcers occur due to decreased blood circulation or nerve degeneration to the area and subsequent injury or sores becoming ulcers

Unstable Angina angina (see above definition) that occurs not only on exertion, but at any time, even at rest; i.e. its occurrence is more unpredictable than other forms of angina

Urination or micturition; periodic elimination of fluid from the bladder through the urethra

Vaginal Candidiasis inflammation of the vagina caused by fungal organism candida albicans


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