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Diabetic Apple Walnut Strudel

This really delicious apple walnut strudel makes a great diabetic dessert treat... Not to say that you can't eat eat at other times of course

Diabetic Strudel Ingredients

2 apples
⅓ cup [85ml] walnuts
¼ tsp [1ml] lemon juice
¼ cup [60ml] margarine
5 oz [150g] phyllo sheets
bread crumbs

To make the Apple Walnut Strudel

Preheat oven to 350oF [180oC
Grease a cookie [baking sheet]
Peel, core and chop the apples
chop the walnuts
Melt margarine

Place apples, walnuts and lemon juice in a mixing bowl and stir to mix

Damp a cloth lightly and sprinkle the bread crumbs on it. Place 2 phyllo sheets side by side on the cloth and brush lightly with the melted margarine.

Place a second phyllo sheet on top of each phyllo sheet you've brushed with the margarine. Brush the layers lightly with the melted margarine. Repeat the adding phyllo sheets and brushing with the margarine until all the sheets have been used

Spoon the apple filling onto the sheets, making sure you leave a border of 2 inches [5cm] along the long edges of the phyllo sheets. Fold the long edges over the filling. Fold over the ends. Roll up like a jelly [Swiss] roll. Using a sharp knife make 10 deep scores, so as to have 10 pieces, on top of the roll.

Place the strudel on the prepared cookie sheet and bake in preheated oven for +/- 25 minutes until the strudel is lightly browned

The Apple Walnut Strudel may be eaten warm or cold, both ways taste great

This Recipe Yields 10 portions

Diabetic Exchanges per Portion

½ bread
1 fat

Each portion contains Calories:108; Carbohydrates: 18g


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