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If you reacted anything like I did it was a huge shock to the system. In every sense. Emotionally, intellectually, physically. But most of all it knocked your very core because you felt a sudden lack of control over your own life.

Don't feel alone. This happens to most newly diagnosed diabetics – whether Type 1 or Type 2.

In fact it happens to most people who are told that they have a long term or chronic condition.

The challenge of Diabetes is adjusting your lifestyle to a healthy one

I used to be a nursing sister by profession and have a really good theoretical knowledge of diabetes mellitus; what it is, what it does, how to treat it, how to support patients who have it, how to counsel those who need guidance, diet plans, exercise plans, metabolic pathways, complications etc.

I had run a staff clinic in a big company and had supported and advised numerous diabetics over the years.

My knowledge was not only learned through my nursing training but through reading and research when my mother was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

I know the genetic link, I was 30 pounds overweight, did no exercise, and was pretty close to being a chocoholic.

When I became so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open during the day (especially after lunch), was in bed and asleep before 20h20 and woke up the next morning feeling as if I had only slept 10 seconds, I knew there was something wrong.

I was worried about the possibility of becoming Diabetic. I started a diet, thinking that it was now time to get healthy.

No matter what I did and how little I ate, I could not lose weight.

This went on for 3 months. No amount of vitamins, high fibre foods and carbohydrate control seemed to make any difference.

I was 42 and on a high road to ill health.

At the end of the 3 months, I approached our GP and asked her to do a fasting blood sugar (I had done a couple myself, but they were always OK or only fractionally elevated). She obliged.

The result – a resounding, “we've got a problem here”.

WE repeated the test a couple of days later (I almost starved myself in an effort to make sure the result would be normal!!) She did not even bother doing the glucose tolerance test – the results showed that I was a diabetic. It is not always easy. It requires discipline that happens naturally some days and not others.

Now with all my background, you would think the transition from uncontrolled diabetic to healthy life style would be an easy one.

Not so, it presents a great challenge, even having been confirmed as a Diabetic.

It is always easier to control things with some Daily Exercise.

Accept the Diabetic Challenge. Don't let Diabetes control you, control it.

Think about the long term complications if you don't accept the challenge of Diabetes by changing your lifestyle and strive for a good balance.

That works.


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