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Promotion of HCG Diet by Kevin Trudeau

In 2007 the relatively infamous Kevin Trudeau a so-called infomercial king, author and radio personality who is best known for promoting alternative medicine published a book:
"The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About"

This book touted the effectiveness and simplicity of the HCG weight-loss diet. It claimed that “an absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost 50 years ago” but the information was “suppressed” by the AMA the FDA and “other medical establishments throughout the world”

It basically inferred there was a conspiracy in order to enable drug companies to make billions of dollars through the sale of their expensive weight-loss products5.

Trudeau's alleged cure entailed taking HCG injections, a very low calorie diet and following somewhere between 50 to 60 do's and don'ts. The book became immensely popular and was on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list for 25 weeks and sold more than 5 million copies.

As a result of the new popularity many companies were established to manufacture and sell the hormone. Due to the fact that the American weight loss industry is worth around $60 billion a year there was intense jockeying among certain companies to carve out a percentage within the HCG sector of this industry.

One problem however was the fact that according to FDA scheduling the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone preparation was only available on prescription. To overcome this companies and websites started classing their product as being homeopathic in the hopes that in so doing they would be allowed to sell the product.

The popularity of this particular weight loss diet was increased and enhanced by the establishment of a great many websites on the Internet, most of which gave the various products containing HCG positive reviews.

Credibility of Trudeau's endorsement of the HCG hormone and diet:

Trudeau's history leaves some doubt, in my mind, as to the validity of his stated opinions.

In 1990 he was indicted on larceny and credit card fraud counts.7 Because of false or misleading claims in his infomercials he paid a fine of a half million dollars, this occurred in 1998.8 Six years later he consented to the imposition of a ban on the promotion of any product except his books via infomercials, this was a lifetime ban. The agreement also consented to the imposition of a $2 million fine.9 The reason he was still allowed to sell his books via the infomercials were so that his first Amendment rights of free speech would not be contravened.

The FTC filed a contempt of court action claiming that the alleged misrepresentations in the book violated the 2004 consent order.

In 2007, the court ruled that Trudeau had violated the order 10

This judgement eventually resulted in a fine of $37,616,161, representing, in the Judges opinion “A reasonable approximation of the loss consumers suffered as a result of defendant's deceptive infomercials”11}

The above are some of the highlights of Trudeau's career and, in my opinion they weigh heavily against the acceptance of his endorsement for the HCG diet....More...

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