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I'm Michael Tracey

Well, although I'm just an ordinary guy, who likes cooking, I've had a life time love affair with food and used to be a professional a member of the South African Chefs Association

I publish "THE TASTE OF AFRICA" newsletter and authored "AFRICAN RECIPES", an ethnic cookbook which contains recipes from all but 3 of Africa's +/-50 countries

NOTE:- The cookbook is currently unavailable as I am revising it and changing to Kindle format I used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cultural and economic powerhouse of the Southern African region. However in 2010 I moved to the beautiful city of Cape Town

I grew up in what was then the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.The land of the Xhosa, one of the major ethnic tribes in this part of Africa. They, together with fellow N'guni peoples the Zulu, make up the majority of the South African population.

There are another 7 or so different tribes in the area, ranging from remnants of the khoi-San peoples to the Ndebele, Tswana, Swazi and Sotho peoples.

When you add the various settler populations, South Africa becomes a cauldron (potjie) of culinary influences.

There are the Afrikaner; descendents of the Dutch who arrived in 1652 and the French Huguenots who came some 50-60 years later. Then there are the descendents of the wave of British settlers from the 1820's and, of course the large numbers of Portuguese and Greek immigrants who arrived some time later.

And stir into this mixture slaves brought to South Africa from Asia, by the Dutch from 1655 onward.

Blend in Indians who arrived from 1860 as indentured labourers, and you may begin to have some idea of the various cross cultural influences a small boy was subject to.

As yet, we haven't begun to count the immigrants from the rest of Africa, who over the years flocked to the economic powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa. From, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zaire, and wherever else you can think of.

As a young boy of 6 to 15 years old, we lived outside a small town, in the veld (or rather, in a house in the veld) and I spent my days, on my own, accompanied only by my enormous Rhodesian Ridgeback, exploring the wild, wide open spaces. Popping into the nearest Xhosa kraal, when I was hungry, always in time for lunch, always welcomed.

I learnt to love not only the sights and sounds, but also the different scents and tastes of Africa.

Many years later, I revisited the tastes of my boyhood, which I had enjoyed so tremendously and found that they had lost non of the piquancy or ability to send my soul on journeys of remembrance of the sights, sounds and feelings of the past.

Collecting and trying recipes, from all the various ethnic groups of South Africa became almost an obsession.
An obsession which spread to include the rest of Africa and it's peoples.
From Algeria in the far north to Zimbabwe on the South African border.
From the Arab and Afrikaner to the Zairian and Zulu they all are Africa and evoke their own magic of taste.

For some time now, it has been my desire to save these recipes, or a selection of them and to make them available to others, in an easily retrievable format.

Hoping, that they too will experience the adventure of Africa in preparing and enjoying it's varied foods.

Knowing, that if they're at all interested in foods and different cultures, traditions and heritage, that this cookbook, "AFRICAN RECIPES" together with my free newsletter. "THE TASTE OF AFRICA" will enable them to adventure with me, in Africa.

There's so many people I need to thank.

The people who obligingly shared their recipes with me.
People from all over this mysteriously wonderful continent

My daughter Kerryn for typing my sometimes incomprehensible notes.

My wife Carol, for some graphic design work
AND the nagging question, "So when's the BOOK going to be finished?"

God, for everything!

Why did I write this recipe book?

Out of respect and love for Africa, it's peoples, it's tastes, it's excitement!


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By the Way, I stand four square behind my book, try it at my risk for 60 days, If you don't like it, just send me an email, to the mail address inside the book, giving your receipt details and I'll organise a credit within 2 working days. No questions, no quibble.

My friends say I'm crazy to offer a guarantee like this. They say that lowlifes will buy the African Recipes cookbook with the intention of claiming a refund, no matter how good they think the book is.

Yes I know that they're people like that, but most are honest & I don't want the honest people penalised for the sake of the dishonest ones.
I really want you to be happy with my AFRICAN RECIPES COOKBOOK. So if you don't like it, just ask for the refund.

THANKS!... Africhef


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