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Technically this English Dessert recipe should be boiled in a bag, that is if you want your Plum Duff/Plum Pudding to be really traditional.

However, boiling Plum Duff in a bag takes an extremely long time and is fraught with the possibility of disaster.

This recipe for Plum Duff/Plum Pudding has been amended slightly to allow steaming in a pudding bowl.

It makes a fantastic dessert treat. Sometimes Plum Duff doesn't even contain Plums but Prunes, which are of course dried plums...

However, fresh plums make for the best taste

Ingredients for Plum Duff

2 eggs
1 orange
9 oz [255g] Plums, weight after stones removed.

[If plums are out of season you can substitute the same weight of drained canned prunes

Alternatively, dried prunes which have been soaked in water overnight then drained]

8 oz [230g] raisins or currents or sultanas [ I prefer a mixture of all 3 ]
4 oz [115g] breadcrumbs [not store bought, made from slightly stale bread]
4 oz [115g] soft brown sugar [dark brown may also be used]

1 medium apple
butter for greasing
4 oz [115g] Self Raising flour
4 oz [115g] shredded suet
¼ tsp ground/grated nutmeg
½ tsp ground cinnamon
4 tbsp dark rum
1 cup milk

Making the Pudding

Lightly beat the eggs, set aside

Grate the orange skin to obtain the zest, making sure you do not grate the pith, set aside, discard the pulp and pith

Chop up the plums [or prunes if that's what you're using] set aside

Peel and core the apple and chop it up, set aside

Grease the inside of a 2pint [1litre] pudding bowl, using the butter, set aside

Sift the flour and ground cinnamon into a large bowl

Add the nutmeg and stir well

Add the sugar and stir

Add the breadcrumbs and stir to mix

Add the currants/raisins/sultanas and stir again

Add the suet and mix

Add the plums/prunes, orange zest and apple and stir to mix

Add the eggs, rum and orage juice, mix well using a wooden spoon.

Add the milk slowly, stirring all the time. Continue adding the milk until the pudding mixture is of dropping consistency. i.e. When the plum duff mixture drops from the spoon.

[NOTE:- You might find you need a little more or a little less than 1 cup of milk. This will depend on the amount of juice obtained from the orange, how juicy the plums were, the size of the eggs and whether you were naughty and added more than 4 tbsp of rum, which is something I don't recommend, unless you want your pudding to taste only of rum]

Once the Plum Duff batter is ready transfer to the pudding bowl, most of it should run, slowly, out into the bowl, then use a spatula to make sure you get all of the plum pudding into the bowl

Cover the pudding bowl with a double sheet of greasproof paper, which you have pleated in the middle and tie, firmly under the rim of the pudding bowl, with string

Bring the string loosely over the top of the bowl and tie to the string on the other side. This forms a handle enabling you to lift the pudding bowl.

Place the pudding bowl on an upturned dessert dish [or similar] in a pot which can contain the bowl with ease.

Fill the pot with boiling water, halfway up the side of the pudding bowl, bring the water to a simmer and place a tight fitting lid on the pot.

Of course, if you're lucky enough to have a steamer, you can use that

Steam the Plum Duff for 3 hours, checking the water approximately every 20-25minutes.

Ensure the pot does not run dry

Lift the bowl containg the plum pudding, from the pot

Remove the greaseproof paper and allow the pudding to cool for 10 or so minutes [Don't let the plum duff get too cold]

Although you can turn the pudding out onto a serving plate, after loosening it from the sides of the bowl, I prefer to serve it directly from the pudding bowl.

Transfer the dessert in large spoonsful into individual dessert dishes and serve with custard or whipped cream.

You can also serve the plum pudding with a hard sauce which obviously will have to contain a little rum.

Whichever way you serve it, PLUM DUFF makes a wonderful, warming and tasty traditional dessert

I love eating my Plum Pudding on a cold winter's night in front of a roaring log fire.

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