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Great Braaivleis or BBQ Recipe

When going to a South African Braai (BBQ) you will often find Sosaties on the menu.

Sosaties are traditionally cubes of Lamb meat, which have been marinated in a specially prepared Cape Malay curry marinade. The meat is then skewered together with dried apricots and onions and grilled over hot coals.

Some people liken Sosaties to Shish Kebabs however Sosaties, as they are now, are a purely South African creation with Cape Malay influences

Generally Lamb fat is also added, personally I prefer my Sosaties without the lamb fat but when preparing a braai I make some with and some without to cater for all tastes.

Using this Traditional Sosatie Recipe at your next Braai or BBQ will earn appreciative comments from your guests.



1kg (1lb3oz) Leg of Lamb
140g (5oz) mutton fat (optional)
4 large onions
Little oil for frying
250g (9oz) dried apricots
8 metal or wooden skewers


75ml (5Tblsp) smooth apricot jam
30ml (2Tblsp) soft brown sugar
15ml (1Tblsp) crushed garlic
6 cloves
3 bay leaves
30ml (2Tblsp) curry powder
30ml (2 Tblsp) malt vinegar
10ml (2tsp) salt
5ml (1tsp) ground black pepper
5ml (1tsp) crushed root ginger
10ml (2tsp) turmeric
10ml (2tsp) ground cumin
10ml (2tsp) ground coriander


Debone the leg of lamb and cut the meat into 21/2cm (1inch) squares
Cube the mutton fat if you are using
Peel and slice the onions very thickly

Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté the onion rings until translucent. Make sure that the rings do not disintegrate. Remove the onions and drain on kitchen paper towel.

Place all the ingredients except the lamb, mutton fat, dried apricots and onions in a glass or ceramic bowl and mix well

Add the Lamb, mutton fat (if using) and onions to the sosatie marinade. Cover and leave in a cool place for 24 to 48 hours to marinate. Turn the lamb 3 or 4 times during the marinating process.

Soak the apricots in warm water until they plump up.

Remove the lamb, mutton fat (if using) and onions from the marinade. Thread on the skewers alternating pieces of lamb, apricot mutton fat and onion.

If you are using the sosaties at a braai (BBQ) grill them over hot coals turning several times until done. Alternatively they can be grilled in an oven or even fried (if you wanted to give any true braai master a heart attack)

Meanwhile pour the marinade into a saucepan and heat until almost boiling.

When serving pour the hot marinade over the sosaties and serve with crumbly mealie pap (krummel pap), baked or mashed potatoes or crusty French bread and butter.

As an alternative you may use the sosatie marinade for lamb chops and prepare as above.

Beef may also be substituted for the lamb but then a prime cut such as rump or sirloin should be used to make the sosaties. I must admit however that beef sosaties are not at all traditional.

Nowadays some people replace the lamb with chicken or even pork, sometimes even omitting the apricot, and mistakenly call them sosaties when they're merely kebabs

Makes 8 very delicious and very traditional South African sosaties

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