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As mentioned in the second last post, before this one, I have made a number of changes and additions to my website. Insofar as the changes are concerned the most noticeable is that, apart from the South African and Okra Recipe sections, I have converted the site menus from the old static ones to new fly-out ones. This will improve the navigation around the site :-

As far as the additions are concerned I have added a number of recipes to the Banana Recipe section… Including a number of banana smoothies. Click the underlined link to see a couple of great tasting Banana Strawberry Smoothies

For those who don’t know Banana Peel is edible, there’s a recipe for Banana Peel and Cow Peas

Then on the Diabetic Section I’ve also added a number of new recipes which can be seen by clicking the link Diabetic Recipes

I’ve also added a number of pages about Diabetic Complications which may also be accessed by following the link to Diabetic Recipes.

Last, but not least I’ve added new recipes to the Okra Recipes section of the site click on Okra Recipes You’ll find these under the “More Recipes” section of the menu… The new recipes include a great one for Okra Relish

I think it’s about time I added some new recipes to this blog, and hopefully that’s what I’ll be doing in the next day or two



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  1. Michael

    As a long term diabetic I must thank you for your section on diabetic complications. I must say it’s the first time I’ve really understood the problems that can be caused by not sticking to diets and so on. Also thank you for the yummy recipes

    Best regards

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