Cape Malay Recipes?

The internet is a tremendous means of communication, you can disseminate information rapidly. The scary part however is that you can also spread mis-information just as quickly.

One of my intentions, in setting up the Afri-Chef website and writing the Afri-Chef African recipes cookbook was to preserve my African heritage. Because authentic African cooking is part of that heritage.

When I see websites loudly proclaiming ” authentic African recipes created by famous New York chefs” I shudder and shake my head in disbelief.

If a famous New York chef, who possibly hasn’t been any closer to Africa than Coney Island, creates a recipe how can it be called an authentic African recipe?

If people accept that famous New York chefs can create authentic African recipes what happens to the truly authentic African recipes created by the indigenous peoples of Africa?

I recently came across a website which featured what it called an authentic Cape Malay recipe for pork kebabs. the person who wrote this recipe could be nothing short of an idiot, certainly somebody who knew nothing about the Cape Malay people. He/she didn’t even know enough to realize that the Cape Malay community is solidly Muslim and as such they would never dream of eating or preparing pork. The very idea of a Cape Malay Muslim preparing a pork recipe or recipe containing pork would be anathema to any member of the Cape Malay community.

Yet people get away with things like this. Unfortunately, people who know nothing about the Cape Malay people, or their origins, accept things solely because they appear in writing on a website.

In defense of my culture and heritage all I can do is continue to highlight this type of misinformation and to state that the recipes which appear in the Afri Chef African recipes cookbooks are genuinely authentic.

I have been to District Six before it was destroyed by the previous regime and I have eaten there and shared recipes with Malay friends and I have been to Bo-Kaap and enjoyed the hospitality of friends.

When I put a Cape Malay recipe or recipe from any other African ethnic group on my website or in any of my cookbooks they have not been created by me. They have been given to me, shared with me by friends. All I have done is tested the recipe and selected my favorites to share with others.

I have done this in an attempt to share African cultural traditions, through food, with those who would like to learn something about Africa and its peoples. So if you’re really interested in African cooking, African recipes, South African recipes, Cape Malay recipes click on one of the links on the right-hand side of this blog knowing that what you see will be what Africans, South Africans, Cape Malays, eat.

THANKS!… Africhef